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  • Did You Know… At Kenmark, We Dress Your Space with Works of Art
    Did you know the dawn of window shades didn’t come until centuries after the creation of windows? Of course, the first windows were mere slits in fortress walls. The only purposes they served were to provide air flow and a post for spotting […]
  • Drown-Out Unwanted Noise with Kenmark
    From office plans to public gathering places, the design community has adopted open concepts as the gold standard of functional design. While we acknowledge that open spaces can offer a connected aesthetic, a noisy, distracting atmosphere fails to […]
  • Did you Know… Kenmark Cares
    For more than 30 years, the architecture and design community has specified interior architectural products from Kenmark Interiors, but our community extends far beyond our immediate industry. In addition to bringing a diverse selection of […]
  • Did You Know: Win More Design Battles with Kenmark
    If you’re a designer, you’re likely already an advocate for the value a truly great design can contribute. You’ve also probably fought with project mangers to keep your design integrity in tact by way of noteworthy building material and […]
  • Not Your Grandma’s Ceiling Tiles
    When Androvett Legal Media & Marketing, a direct marketing company in Dallas, Texas, was looking to christen its new Uptown office with an interior designed to impress, it was time to go all out. Wanting to create a unique experience for their […]
  • Sorccia Stone Panel
    One of the hottest trends in interior design today is the use of natural stone surfaces in new and exciting applications. The problem is, everyone wants to do it, but traditional solid surfaces are so heavy you’d have to reinforce your structure to […]
  • Wood Veneers
    Kenmark offers an extensive line of wood veneer products – and they’re gorgeous. From the very simple, to the very complex, intricate custom millwork projects require an expert contractor, and an expert supplier — that’s Kenmark!   Real wood […]
  • Architectural Panels
    Whether you want to design an amazing feature wall or partitions, our architectural panels bring impact to any space. Your project may require wall protection such as a backsplash, wainscoting, elevators and other common spaces. Our panels fit the […]
  • Hardwood Products
    Kenmark wood products are sustainably sourced; reclaimed from the walls and floors of century-old structures ideal for flooring and wall cladding. Sculpted by wind and weather, every piece of reclaimed wood is hand-selected for its richness, […]
  • Flooring Products
    Does your project need great looking flooring? Kenmark has an array of innovative and beautiful products. Do you want to design a stunning feature wall? Kenmark’s flooring products can be used as wall cladding too. They’re the picture of versatility […]
  • Automated Shading Systems
    Kenmark offers a single-provider option for scalable, flexible solutions that integrate motorized shades and lighting controls to provide sophisticated, automated lighting control to any building. Commercial-grade shading solutions ensure design […]
  • Did You Know…. LED Lights Make Your Gems Sparkle
    To get that perfectly set solitaire ring and delicate string of sapphires to fly off the shelves and onto the fingers, necks, and wrists of customers, jewelers know they must display them properly. This is why they are employing the power of LED […]
  • Acoustical Products
    One of the major trends in corporate construction is the open office. Many employees in one room drives collaboration, synergy and morale. People like being around people. An unintended consequence is often higher noise levels. This has elevated […]
  • Did You Know… The ALICO Building was a Trailblazer, just like Kenmark?
    In 1909 a company was formed— Their mission? To change the face of the insurance industry. Amicable Life Insurance Company was chartered on April 2, 1910. Not only did they change the face of their industry but the skyline of America. Any Fixer […]
  • LED Lighting
    You may not have known Kenmark carries Diode LED tape lighting, and we don’t blame you. It is a new product line for us. But, it’s an example of how we are continuously sourcing innovative technology that shows your work in its best light. Top 5 […]
  • Decorative Laminates
    Hear the one about the 3 Italians who got together for lunch? They all made premium laminates and decided to distribute them through Kenmark. Designers, you won’t find anything “vanilla” when it comes to our decorative laminate collections. Our […]
  • Did You Know… Kenmark Installs
    Over the past few months we have given you interesting facts about the origin of certain products, the stories behind some of the nation’s most famous buildings and insights on different types of projects. Here’s a Did You Know about us — Did You […]
  • Luxury Service for Your Luxury Project
    When you set out to push the bar higher in the luxury market, we know you want to partner with vendors that will rise to the occasion— not undermine the project’s success— and with Kenmark Interiors you can rest assured that our exceptional service, […]
  • Did you Know… Moisture Makes the Decision
    Whatever type of project you are working on, whether it be office, restaurant, retail, hotel or common area, chances are high end wood floors and wall cladding are desired by the client. Premium, gorgeous wood floors and wall cladding seem to be […]
  • Welcome to Chili’s
    Have you ever enjoyed a meal at Chili’s? Well then, we’re happy to say we helped host you! We’ve had the opportunity to help create the fun and friendly atmosphere for thousands of guests’ dining experiences all over the country thanks to our […]
  • When Looks Matter
    There are few other industries where aesthetics make or break a business like in the hospitality industry. Just think about it— the first thing you want to know about a hotel you’re thinking about booking is what it looks like. The appearance and […]
  • Can I Get an Amen?
    When the project is a place of worship, designers know where to come when they’re looking to set the tone for their client’s services by transforming the look and feel of their building interior. Austin Baptist Church was looking to dress up a two […]
  • Oh, SNAP!
    Snap Kitchen is one of those “hip” new businesses launched in Austin. So what did they want to do when designing their interior? Put beautiful reclaimed wood flooring on the ceiling of course. But we aren’t complaining, we love making unique design […]
  • Did You Know…. LEDs Keep Your World Lit.
    Light emitting diodes or LED lights keep our worlds spinning in more ways than we realize. From remote controls to calculators LED lights are part of our everyday, but they haven’t always been that way. Did you know a single LED light used to cost […]
  • Find Inspiration
    With Kenmark you won’t only find top of the line products— you’ll find inspiration. See the future; that’s exactly what your clients demand, right? As an architect and designer they look to you to know what’s innovative, what’s next, what designs […]
  • Educating on Installation
    Houston Community College has been consciously designed to facilitate the collision of ideas and concepts, By creating synergy between different kinds of spaces and learning opportunities, HCC students, faculty and staff find a home for innovation […]
  • Defying Gravity
    Skylights are a sought after architectural feature— natural light brings warmth to a space that is hard to replicate, plus it helps lighting expenses. But what about when that beautiful light creates an uncomfortable environment because of glare or […]
  • Did You Know… Experience is Crucial to the Retail Industry
    How we sell things has changed dramatically in the last 100+ years. Do you realize that if we were living in 1900 we would be walking down the street to what we would call a “convenient store” to buy all of our groceries? And clothing? No one would […]
  • Did You Know… Kenmark is More Like an RV than You Might Think
    Planning a cross country road trip? Well, before you hit the road in one of today’s decked out RVs, let us shed a little light on where these amazing vehicles came from and what goes into making them. Covered Wagons were the original inspiration for […]
  • We’re More than You Bargained For
    What does Kenmark do? Do you really know? Because we’re more than that wall coverings company you know from 30 years ago. In fact, we’re on the edge of becoming a full turn-key product, design and installation company and quickly becoming the go-to […]
  • Did you know…. Cork Flooring is on the Market Today because of Champagne?
    Cork is one of the most eco-friendly flooring resources on today’s market, but before it was making a stylish, yet responsible, statement in your home it had a long storied past. Let us take you through the history of this popular resource and show […]
  • Did You Know… Wood Construction Predates History?
    Wood is the most commonly used building material, making it’s presence known not only in the construction phase but throughout the designing and finishing stages. But you’re not surprised— Wood is a pretty standard material, right? Well, maybe not. […]
  • Did you Know… Kenmark is as Valuable as Drywall.
    It’s hard to imagine the construction industry without the use of drywall— it has become one of the most prevalently used construction materials on the market today. Drywall has become a standard in building and serves as the bones of our spaces, […]
  • Did you Know… Laminate Flooring is More than Just a Pretty Look
    Laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring options on the market today. Are you surprised, though? As an economical, hypoallergenic, and easy-care option, laminate is hard to beat. Designers and Contractors alike can find all sorts of […]
  • Did you know… Elevators were first called “Flying Chairs” and “Ascending Rooms”?
    Elevators are one of those inventions that make you think, “How did we figure this one out?” Or maybe you ask something more along the lines of “How do we trust these contraptions”. Whatever party you fall into, elevators fascinate us to some level. […]


As a 32 year old brand, we understand sustainability is a journey of innovation.

History of Kenmark

For more than 30 years, the architecture and design community has specified products from Kenmark. Our tradition of bringing breakthrough products to market makes us the Company of choice for innovative solutions that meet today’s design challenges.