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  • Oh, SNAP!
    Snap Kitchen is one of those “hip” new businesses launched in Austin. So what did they want to do when designing their interior? Put beautiful reclaimed wood flooring on the ceiling of course. But we aren’t complaining, we love making unique design […]
  • Did You Know…. LEDs Keep Your World Lit.
    Light emitting diodes or LED lights keep our worlds spinning in more ways than we realize. From remote controls to calculators LED lights are part of our everyday, but they haven’t always been that way. Did you know a single LED light used to cost […]
  • Find Inspiration
    With Kenmark you won’t only find top of the line products— you’ll find inspiration. See the future; that’s exactly what your clients demand, right? As an architect and designer they look to you to know what’s innovative, what’s next, what designs […]
  • Educating on Installation
    Houston Community College has been consciously designed to facilitate the collision of ideas and concepts, By creating synergy between different kinds of spaces and learning opportunities, HCC students, faculty and staff find a home for innovation […]
  • Defying Gravity
    Skylights are a sought after architectural feature— natural light brings warmth to a space that is hard to replicate, plus it helps lighting expenses. But what about when that beautiful light creates an uncomfortable environment because of glare or […]
  • Did You Know… Experience is Crucial to the Retail Industry
    How we sell things has changed dramatically in the last 100+ years. Do you realize that if we were living in 1900 we would be walking down the street to what we would call a “convenient store” to buy all of our groceries? And clothing? No one would […]
  • Did You Know… Kenmark is More Like an RV than You Might Think
    Planning a cross country road trip? Well, before you hit the road in one of today’s decked out RVs, let us shed a little light on where these amazing vehicles came from and what goes into making them. Covered Wagons were the original inspiration for […]
  • We’re More than You Bargained For
    What does Kenmark do? Do you really know? Because we’re more than that wall coverings company you know from 30 years ago. In fact, we’re on the edge of becoming a full turn-key product, design and installation company and quickly becoming the go-to […]
  • Did you know…. Cork Flooring is on the Market Today because of Champagne?
    Cork is one of the most eco-friendly flooring resources on today’s market, but before it was making a stylish, yet responsible, statement in your home it had a long storied past. Let us take you through the history of this popular resource and show […]
  • Did You Know… Wood Construction Predates History?
    Wood is the most commonly used building material, making it’s presence known not only in the construction phase but throughout the designing and finishing stages. But you’re not surprised— Wood is a pretty standard material, right? Well, maybe not. […]
  • Did you Know… Kenmark is as Valuable as Drywall.
    It’s hard to imagine the construction industry without the use of drywall— it has become one of the most prevalently used construction materials on the market today. Drywall has become a standard in building and serves as the bones of our spaces, […]
  • Did you Know… Laminate Flooring is More than Just a Pretty Look
    Laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring options on the market today. Are you surprised, though? As an economical, hypoallergenic, and easy-care option, laminate is hard to beat. Designers and Contractors alike can find all sorts of […]
  • Did you know… Elevators were first called “Flying Chairs” and “Ascending Rooms”?
    Elevators are one of those inventions that make you think, “How did we figure this one out?” Or maybe you ask something more along the lines of “How do we trust these contraptions”. Whatever party you fall into, elevators fascinate us to some level. […]


As a 32 year old brand, we understand sustainability is a journey of innovation.

History of Kenmark

For more than 30 years, the architecture and design community has specified products from Kenmark. Our tradition of bringing breakthrough products to market makes us the Company of choice for innovative solutions that meet today’s design challenges.