From office plans to public gathering places, the design community has adopted open concepts as the gold standard of functional design. While we acknowledge that open spaces can offer a connected aesthetic, a noisy, distracting atmosphere fails to provide the prime environment for worker productivity.  How do you remedy the two? Easy. By installing acoustic ceiling tiles and other acoustic-enhancing features.

A project’s acoustic design– whether planned or haphazard – rarely has a neutral impact on a space. When it’s done right, acoustics pave the way for an exceptional aural experience.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, for more flexible multi-use spaces, poor design can prove utterly detrimental with unmanaged sound bouncing from wall to wall.

Acoustic ceiling tiles have come a long way since first appearing on the market. Originally used in Japan for aesthetic reasons, the benefits of the un-intended sound barrier quickly came to light. 500 years later, Kenmark’s modern line of OWA Acoustic Ceiling Tiles not only enhance the design of a project but sets the tone for acoustic performance.

We understand that there’s a lot of “noise” out there when trying to choose the best products for your next job site.  At Kenmark, we help you find the products that fit your needs, budget and design. By providing solutions to your open concept, Kenmark offers you the best options to drown-out unwanted noise—just like acoustic ceiling tiles.