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Bring the beauty of nature indoors with Muratto Cork Wall Coverings. Muratto is the brand name of the most refined company of cork wall coverings. Born in 2013, Muratto established the goal of dazzling people with its innovative products. By adding an air of sophistication to every design, Muratto’s products up the ante of a space while also infusing environmentally and budget conscious decisions into your creative process. Choose from an exquisite palate of colors and designs— With Muratto your creativity has freedom.

Muratto wall products are a culmination of over 25 years of product development andsocial1 innovation with cork. Starting in Europe and now entering the US market, Muratto products are the epitome of natural and sustainable design.

Cork is a sustainable raw material in that it is rapidly renewable. Harvested from the cork oak tree found in Portugal, cork bark is peeled from the tree on a nine year interval without damage to the tree. Cork inherently is anti-microbial, resilient, it absorbs sound, and has thermal insulation properties that no other natural material can tout.



Product Lines

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Organic Blocks


Pattern Tiles

Cork Bricks

Dek Wall

Dek Wall






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install Living room

beautiful modern house in cement, interior, open space

install4 sala de estar install6 install7 install8 Modern Luxury Loft / Apartment Architecture Interior Modern Luxury Loft / Apartment Architecture Interior

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Technical Specifications

Dek Wall Specs

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