The acoustical design of a space dramatically impacts the experience of any performance, presentation or event. Great acoustics help ensure a space can function as it is intended.

In large classrooms, good acoustics make it possible to hear the lecture from any seat. Parishioners can experience the power of the voices in a church choir, without echo.  With good acoustics, a space can even accommodate very different uses. Imagine a cafetorium that is able to both manage the lunchtime roar and project those tiny voices out into a Holiday Concert crowd.

Acoustical design of a project – whether planned or haphazard – rarely has a neutral impact on the space. While great acoustic design can create an exceptional aural experience or more flexible multi-use spaces, poor acoustical design can be quite detrimental. Unmanaged sound bouncing around in a space can be distracting and even uncomfortable for audiences.


Zintra Acoustical Panels & Systems

Baresque’s Zintra Acoustic is the perfect solution for your application where acoustic performance and aesthetics are required. Offered in 12 colors, the design possibilities are nearly endless with Zintra Textures & Zintra Systems.

Baresque-Zintra-Acoustiboard-Digital-Printing Baresque-Zintra-Fabric-Wrapped Baresque-Acoustiboard-A07-ShapesZintra-Wall-CladdingBaresque-Acoustiboard-A03-Restaurant-Wall



Achieving Great Acoustics

To assist our clients in designing spaces that optimize the acoustical experience and minimizing distracting and uncomfortable sounds, Kenmark has developed an AIA/CES registered continuing education course “Understanding Sound”.


Fabric-Wrapped Acoustical Panels

APS offers fabric wrapped sound panels, which are a great solution for noise control in all sorts of applications. The raw acoustical panel can be wrapped with acoustically transparent fabrics to create attractive wall treatments that absorb excessive amounts of sound. Panels are available in fiberglass, impact resistant, tackable and environmental materials.

APS - Home TheaterAPS - Calvary ChapelAPS - ATP Commercial Custom LBI_Acoustical-LA_Boys_Club_1APS - Theater

OWA Acoustic Solutions

Offers a wide range of interesting designs, perfectly coordinated ceiling systems with ceiling tiles made from a variety of material, beautiful designs and flexible installation systems.


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Acoustics will never again limit your creativity. The next level of office partitions, desk screens, workstation tiles, tackboards and wall panels are here and are giving designers the flexibility they need to redefine spaces. With ezoBord products, designers get a lightweight, easy to install and cost-effective sound absorption solution that’s not only effective but beautiful.

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