Acoustics will never again limit your creativity. The next level of office partitions, desk screens, workstation tiles, tackboards and wall panels are here and are giving designers the flexibility they need to redefine spaces. With ezoBord products, designers get a lightweight, easy to install and cost-effective sound absorption solution that’s not only effective but beautiful.

At approximately 9lbs per 48” x 95 3/8” sheet, ezoBord, is a lightweight surface, substrate and high-performance acoustical material all in one in one. An eco-friendly product choice, ezoBord is highly recyclable and made up of approximately 42% post consumer waste source from recycled PET bottles and in turn, more cost effective for your project.


Amphi Curved Screen

Amphi curved privacy screens are perfect for any open space where you want to create semi-private spaces but still stay in the know. While providing superior acoustical performance, the fully tackable surface lets you display notes and important documents where you need them.  Added to all that, Amphi screens can be ordered in monotone or duotone color options to adapt to any environment or space.

Acoustical Nets

Want a new way of capturing a space acoustically? Then try the innovative Acoustic Net and create a design that satisfies both creative and operational needs. Acoustical Net canopies are constructed from a series of flat, CNC-cut louvers, designed to rest on top of modular wall systems or suspended from ceilings. Open cell construction allows for sprinkler and light penetration, while also improving acoustical performance.

Curv Ceiling Baffles

ezoBord’s vertical ceiling baffle system Curv is highly efficient both acoustically and decoratively. The system represents the perfect balance of form, function and cost effectiveness. Perfect for interior application in offices, public spaces, atriums and indoor pool areas.

Geo Clouds

Head in the clouds? We hope so! With ezoBord’s Geo Clouds you get acoustical absorption utilizing integrated geometric shapes and a wide array of standard colors. Geo Clouds are available in both standard and custom shape options and help define any open space. They can be combined with Geo Tiles for continuous flow from ceilings to walls.

Grid Canopy

Suspended ezobord Grid canopies bring room acoustics to an entirely new level. Hang a Grid Canopy in any space to control room reverberation in both monotone and dual tone color options— giving your operational needs top priority while also enhancing the value of your aesthetics. Grid Canopies are 70% open allowing for lighting, airflow and sprinkler distribution. Check with local building code authorities for allowable applications.

Obi Mobile Office Dividers

ezoBord Obi Mobile Office Dividers are a great way to instantly absorb sound, add privacy, color and style in any open plan workspace. Available in 48″ width and 2 heights ( 60”, 72”) ezoBord Obi Panels are also available in customizable surface patterns to create a totally unique appearance— Order your dividers with partial or full whiteboard options making them truly multi-functional. 

Office Panel Tiles

Up the ante in your worn out space— ezoBord retrofit tiles add acoustic absorption, tackability, and modern style to existing installations of any classic plain surfaced office system or v-notched surface system.


ezoBord panels are one of a kind acoustic panels that are flexible, decorative, tackable, recycled and super easy to install. This is sound dampening with endless creative possibilities so that you never have to sacrifice form for function.

Workzone Dividers

Want to make your office space a better place to work in? Work Zone Dividers will enhance speech intelligibility, creating a space you’ll love to be in. ezoBord Work Zone Dividers can be installed in any space to create work zones, add visual privacy, and acoustical absorption. Easy to install, and re-positionable with optional suspension hardware (ordered separately). Work Zone Dividers can be ordered in 15 standard ezoBord colors or in virtually unlimited custom surface print colors. Also available with printed team branding.