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Available in twelve colors. 100% Polyester Ceiling, Wall Tiles and Cloud Systems lighten the mood and reduce the noise. Architects and designers love the endless creative possibilities. Contractors appreciate the ease of installation and facility owners delight in the cost savings compared to other acoustic panels. Request a sample today!


Shown: 3mm roll (Grey)Zintra Acoustic is the perfect solution for your application where acoustic performance and aesthetics are required. Zintra’s wide range of colors and ease of use make it the ideal material for commercial, hospitality and institutional projects. Available in both 12mm sheets and 3mm rolls. View all of the colors here.




ZShown: Shapes (White)intra Acoustic Textures not only highlight the fantastic acoustic qualities of Baresque’s Zintra Acoustic Panel, but also the incredible fabrication capabilities Baresque has to offer. Zintra Acoustic Textures subtle 3-dimensional relief creates dimension and acoustic attenuation within your space making them ideal for noisy, public spaces. Zintra’s wide range of designs and colors slip easily into classic or modern settings, and custom designs are also available. View a few of the possibilities.



Shown: Bharata (Lime & Navy)Zintra on Zintra: Experience our range of classic to contemporary screen designs cut out of Zintra which is then placed on a matching or contrasting second layer of Zintra to create a unique look for walls or ceilings. In just the one product you will find style, texture, contrast, depth and the added benefit of sound absorption to create a harmonious environment. Just pick a pattern and two colors! See all of the possibilities here.



Shown: Drant Cloud System (Blush)Zintra Systems is a range of prefabricated, packaged solutions created to allow easy specification and simple installation. Systems solves multiple installation questions at the core of our product offering in addition to previously unknown methods of how to use our products. Can include louvres, mobile partitions and ceiling clouds. View some of the systems options here.


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Zintra-on-Zintra Designs

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Zintra Texture Designs

Zintra Systems

Zintra Systems

Zintra on Zintra Inspiration Images

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Both Zintra Textures and Zintra-on-Zintra are customizable by both color and design.

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