Offers a wide range of interesting designs, perfectly coordinated ceiling systems with ceiling tiles made from a variety of material, beautiful designs and flexible installation systems.

OWA designs reconcile your aesthetic ideas with the requirements of modern work environment to allow you to create spaces in which people are happy to work and be productive. Room acoustics are a key issue faced by designers. OWA gives customers access to expert know-how acquired from 60 years of internal acoustics research and development – measurable added value on cost-effective terms.

The first impression counts! That’s why it’s important that ceilings in the reception area are visually prefect and that they have good acoustic properties.

Eye-catching tiles for creative people brave enough to delve into the unusual. Whether in a restaurant, reception area, hotel lobby, museums or gallery spaces, OWA makes a great impression in any environment. OWA panels can be individual adapted to any color concept and ensures pleasant room acoustics.


Comprehension problems! Not with OWA ceiling systems. We help students to understand their teachers better – because sound-absorbing ceilings make life easier for children and students. Classroom, Lecture Halls, music rooms.

OWA Acoustics education

Sound absorbing ceilings make learning easier.

Call Centers

When you can’t even hear yourself speak. Understanding your conversations over the phone is already difficult enough. When dozens of co-workers are on the phone in the same space, it often because difficult to here yourself speak. OWA has solutions specifically designed for call centers, which make it much easier to work in these kinds of spaces.

OWA Acoustics call center

Offices and Meeting Rooms

When a relaxed work in environment is required. Whether it’s telephone conversations with customers, discussions with visitors or meetings with colleagues – the more people in a space, the more disruptive the noise background. This affects all employees, especially in open plan offices. OWA wall and ceiling solutions that significantly improve the acoustics in these rooms.

OWA Acoustics admin

OWA Baffles and Clouds

Not a ceiling grid rather a simple solution for brining baffles to the surface. Staggered in series and next to each other, offset from one another, with clearances of 100mm to 600mm and baffle heights of 150mm to 300mm. Arrange in any way you desire to suit your acoustic and design requirements. For workshops to counteract excessive noise or for ceilings with concrete core cooling. Quick and easy to install.