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Chrysalis , architectural-quality translucent resin panels, allow the maximum use of natural lighting while still maintaining useful levels of privacy. Utilizing Encapsulated Image Layer Technology, or E.I.L.T., Chrysalis panels are formed using a manufacturing process patented by Eastman Chemical Company. Chrysalis panels have a decorative inclusion suspended in their medium and form a structure that is 40 times more impact resistant than float glass! Yet, unlike glass, Chrysalis can be thermoformed or cold bent quickly and easily into any desired shape. This makes it ideal for custom fabricated installations.

Chrysalis panels make an ideal replacement for wood, acrylic, architectural glass, the modern office interior design (3d render)metal and other panel material in your next project. And thanks to their beauty, safety and adaptability, translucent resin panels have become popular world-wide for use in commercial, hospitality, healthcare, food service, retail and even residential architecture.

Thanks to this versatility, you’ll now find Chrysalis panels used in everything from cabinet door inserts, partitions and wall panels to balustrades, signage and lighting applications. Chrysalis has even been used in actual works of art! This means the design uses of Chrysalis are literally unlimited!

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Chrysalis Installation Images:

Chrysalis - Retail ColumnChrysalisChrysalisimagination-web-1 ChrysalisChrysalis - Backlit Insertsimagination-web-4Chrysalis


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Chrysalis Technical Data:

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