Ceiling tiles are available in many patterns, colors and materials aside from white mineral tiles. Some are manufactured to drop into existing 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ ceiling grid systems. The beautifully ornate tile pictured right is made of a lightweight and environmentally sustainable glass from the Innovative collection. Other tiles are made to be glued up. Plastic glue-up and drop-in tiles are lightweight and very affordable. Some tiles may serve to reduce the sound in interior spaces or add flair to the decor. Often they serve both needs at once. The Innovative and MirroFlex™ ceiling tile product lines distributed by Kenmark offer a wide variety of selections and fit well in many commercial projects.

Mirroflex Sahara in Bermuda BronzeMirroFlex Maddison in Bermuda BronzeMirroFlex Savannah - Copper FantasyMirroFlex Rib 1 - Oil Rubbed Bronze

MirroFlex Decorative Ceiling Tiles – Drop-in or glue-up plastic ceiling tiles can fit into an existing hanging ceiling grid or be glued directly to the ceiling. Many colors and patterns from bright metallics to more subtle solids. An affordable fast way to make a big difference in any space.

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OWA Acoustic Solutions

Offers a wide range of interesting designs, perfectly coordinated ceiling systems with ceiling tiles made from a variety of material, beautiful designs and flexible installation systems.

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