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Innovative is a totally green ceiling system which incorporates fine style, performance, affordability and the importance of environmental impact. There are a wide variety of lightweight coffered and flat tiles available with or without acoustical properties.

Innovative’s exclusive composition offers high quality and sharp designs; a ceiling tile collection that makes a real positive difference in commercial and institutional environments.

Available in a coffered 2’x2′ open ceiling tile design which accepts a Whispertone Plus® insert that provides acoustical NRC 0.90. The tile and the insert weigh less than 2 pounds per square foot and the tile is made of post consumer recycled glass. Zero fungus and mold growth, fire and smoke resistant (Class A fire rating).

Totally Green:

  • Made from gypsum and 70% by volume post consumer recycled glass.
  • Acoustical inserts are made from Johns Manville acoustical board covered with a primed non-woven textile mat.
  • Sustainable and recyclable ceiling system.

Lightweight Gypsum:

  • Weighs just 1½ pounds per square foot.
  • ½” thickness throughout tile for maximum strength.

Upscale Design:

  • Coffered and flat 2’x2′ ceiling tiles available in many elegant designs.
  • Custom sizes, designs and finishes available.
  • High light reflectance.

Environmentally Safe:

  • Zero fungus and mold growth.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Class A fire rating.

Acoustical Options:

  • Available as a coffered open cell or flat tile with a maximum NRC of 0.90.

Easy Installation & Maintenance:

  • Fits into standard 15.16″ T-bar ceiling systems.
  • Easily cuts and drills on site.
  • Wipeable and cleanable.
  • Paintable.

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Innovations Installation Images:

Innovative Ceiling Tile - Wylie Eye CenterInnovative Ceiling - The Fox TheatreInnovative Ceiling - Silver SlipperInnovative Ceiling - Residential
Innovative Ceiling - Consolidated AlexandriaInnovative Ceiling - BankInnovative Ceiling - Austin Renaissance HotelInnovative Ceiling - Elevator Lobby

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Innovations Technical Data:

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