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MirroFlex ceiling tiles are prefabricated for easy installation into existing 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ grid systems, as pictured right, or available in overlapping glue-up tiles.

There are many three dimensional patterns and colors to choose from. In addition, MirroFlex is available in a white paintable grade to ensure it fits the decor perfectly.

MirroFlex tiles are very light weight and installation is a snap. The 2’x2′ tiles are held in place by simply inserting below the old mineral tile. 2’x4′ tiles require a small dab of adhesive in the center to prevent sagging. Glue-up tiles are held in place with a simple construction adhesive and have overlapping edges to ensure a seamless application.

All MirroFlex ceiling tiles for lay-in application with grid systems require the weight of an old or new mineral fiber type ceiling tile (standard tiles) on top to hold them firmly in place. Also 2’x4′ (600 x 1200mm) lay-in tiles can produce 1/2″ (13mm) of sag unless supplemental adhesive is used.

MirroFlex Ceiling Installation Images:

MirroFlex Madison - Crosshatch Silver MirroFlex Art Deco - Copper Fantasy MirroFlex Wavation - PaintableMirroFlex Savannah - Mirror

MirroFlex Rosette - Copper Fantasy MirroFlex Art Deco - Copper Fantasy MirroFlex Boston - Cracked Copper MirroFlex Boston - Cracked Copper

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MirroFlex Ceiling Technical Data:




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