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If you have been searching for the perfect solid color or pattern for your project and haven’t seen Arpa’s collections yet, then your search is not complete. And to make the application of your selected laminate an affordable reality, Arpa manufactures the colors and patterns into more than 10 different types and grades. This ensures your selection will meet the production and performance demands of the job at hand.  Of course, Arpa laminates come in standard and postforming grades but also: Magnetic, Perforated, Solid Core, Flooring Grade, Building Grade, and more.

Arpa manufactures one of the most extensive lines of decorative high pressure laminates available anywhere today. The many colors and patterns are grouped into 7 separate collections as shown below.

0214 Verde TeneroColorsintesi Erre and Colorsintesi Lucida – Vibrant or delicate, romantic or dynamic and energetic, strong or soft and relaxing, this comprehensive range of pure colors can fully interpret any emotion on trend in Interior Design. Decors are available in many different finishes, ranging from the classic look and feel to the most surprising tactile and optical effects.

Naked FinishColorsintesi Selected Finishes – 13 extremely stylish colors in a selection of stunning and amazing finishes: shiny or opaque, irregular or structured, they can meet the most fashionable design and diverse production purposes.

0211 Grigio PerlaUnicolor – Full melamine high pressure laminate where the color of the decorative surface is uniformly distributed throughout the core. Think thick, solid color laminate. In Arpa for Americas, the selection of Unicolor is available single sided/thickness 1.2 mm.

9211 Alu WaterColour Evolution – Thin metallic filaments embedded in a bunch of selected base colors reflect light and create a striking decorative effect, whilst a range of other delicate tones are presented in finishes giving the décor a genteel, soft and pearly appearance.

4456 Rovere ZadarWoods – There is always a look which never goes out of fashion. Classic and evergreen, here is an extensive collection of noble and prestigious wood grains. Aesthetically warm and comforting, these décors are ideal to respond to the most diverse design need in every possible applications.

3318 Sixty GrigioMateric Expressions – Aesthetic expressions are inspired by nature and its colors, by technology and its products, by light and its poetic hues. Marbles, granites, onyx and other stones beautifully replicated express all the delicate, natural shades of minerals. Metal laminates, in multiple colors and innovative textures, speak a language of shiny, technological and functional elegance.

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Arpa Installation Images:

Arpa Naturalia Arpa - Burger King

Emporio Armani - Arpa 2571 LUC and 0509 LUC Sub Zero Showroom - Arpa 2551 ghibli & satin Arpa - Groupon

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Arpa Technical Data:

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