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NuMetal features aluminum, copper or stainless steel clad high pressure laminates in polished and brushed finishes and various embossed surfaces in a wide assortment of design and color combinations. NuMetal fabricates like standard high pressure laminates and most have phenolic backing. Special features like hand painting, acid etching and distressing are also used.

NuMetal is available in 4’x8′ sheets. Choose from hundreds of different colors and embossing combinations. Sample chains available from Kenmark show the actual colors and patterns available from stock.

While the real copper, stainless steel, and other metal finishes of NuMetal cannot be equaled, for some projects MirroFlex decorative plastic surfacing makes more sense due to flexible fabrication and cost savings. Ask one of our qualified representatives which one is right for your needs.

ATI_NuMetal_Brushed Stainless

Stainless Steel Collection – Made of real stainless steel and retains all the properties of Stainless Steel. It is constructed with an ultra thin layer of stainless steel with standard HPL backing and allows standard woodworking tools to be used in fabrication. Several styles to choose from that are in-stock. All Real Stainless Steel designs have a center seam.

ATI_NuMetal_Brushed BrassDesign Collection – All Finishes are available with no Embossed Design added. Most finishes are lacquered for chemical and scratch resistance. The polished finishes are usually anodized.

ATI_NuMetal_Antique Copper ReedsCopper Collection – Copper laminates, with selected popular Embossed designs, are available from stock. Each 4′ x 8′ sheet is lacquered and comes with clear protective film for ease in processing. Copper laminates are hand painted by artists using techniques that allow for repeatability.

ATI_NuMetal_Unique Arts_ShanghaiUnique Art Collection – As their name implies, Unique Art Laminates, are truly unique work-of-art laminates that offer rich colors and metals in their design. They are hand painted by artists using techniques that allow for repeatability. The artistic value and nuances of hand painting are evident when using multiple sheets. Protected with a high quality lacquer process to ensure durability, these laminates can be used in both low and high traffic areas. Since each sheet is hand painted, it should be noted that slight differences will be seen from sheet to sheet.

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NuMetal Installation Images:

NuMetal Brushed Aluminum Balloon NuMetal Unique Arts - MelbourneNuMetal Unique Arts - ParisNuMetal Diamond Plate

NuMetal Brushed Aluminum CorduroyNuMetal Unique Art Berlin NuMetal Unique Art Cairo

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NuMetal Technical Data:






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