Kenmark is dedicated to offering new and innovative flooring solutions.  As a leading distributor of commercial flooring products, many of which not only contribute to LEED certification, but are also Healthy Products, our goal is to inspire creativity and add significant value to your projects.

Two key factors separate commercial flooring products from residential products; durability and low maintenance. While different types of flooring have inherently better traits in one area or another, if the floor is durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and requires very little down time or cost to maintain it, then your clients will be pleased for years to come with a floor that looks as beautiful as the day it was installed and is easy to care for.


APC Cork Flooring - Aphrodite Natural APC Cork - Living Room APC Cork Flooring APC Cork Flooring - Titan Natural

APC Cork Flooring is durable and easy to maintain. Available in plank and tile and a wide array of color options.  Cork floating floors and glue down tiles that look great in any residential and commercial application.



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Dickson Woven Flooring is the floor of the future. Woven with revolutionary vinyl fibers and combined with a high-performance backing, this flooring solution is perfect for anywhere you want performance and aesthetics!


Silver Knight

Silver Knight Silver Knight Silver Knight

Silver Knight is the ultimate environmentally sound choice for any facility; Silver Knight has a self-disinfecting surface reached by a unique double-define line. More effective infection control with ease of cleaning – Silver Knight is a low maintenance, NEVER WAX trouble-free flooring.


Mountain Lumber - Green Turtle

Mountain Lumber - Hamiltons Restaurant Mountain Lumber - Starbucks Mountain Lumber - Sustain Boutique

Old-Growth reclaimed flooring selection includes antique heart pine, oak, chestnut and other hardwoods rescued from historic structures slated for demolition.  These rare and beautiful antique woods are unlike anything available today. Every piece of reclaimed wood is hand-selected for its richness in history, character and beauty then transformed into antique wood flooring and beams of unparalleled beauty.

We believe every floor should be unique.  Mountain Lumber begins with a wide selection of hardwoods harvested from responsibly managed forests.  Next, their expert craftsmen create handmade surfaces that can transform any wood floor into a custom-made masterpiece.  Finally, the in-house color matching service can create any desired look — from a century’s old country oak to an ultra-modern white wash.

Protect All - Commercial Kitchen

Protect All - Gymnasium Protect All - Pool Protect All - Hospitality

PROTECT-ALL Flooring is manufactured from 100% pre-consumer content and is the leading recycled commercial vinyl flooring product manufactured in the United States. Can help contribute to LEED credits.



Shaw - Elementary School

Shaw - Elementary SchoolShaw - Hotel TobacoShaw - First National Bank

Shaw Contract Group is a design leader.  Some of the most innovative companies in the world look to Shaw for their flooring solutions.  From tenant improvement to segment often needs immediate access to products.




Abby-Arena-SportTrax-019-640-x-365 Terminal-City-Club_551-640-x-427 SF_Multi_Purpose

SportFloor features an extra tough, slip-resistant and easy-to-clean surface specifically designed to withstand even the most demanding arena surface needs. Perfect for indoor tracks, weight rooms, fitness centers, ice rinks, gyms and more. Made of the highest quality synthetic and recycled rubber.

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