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Werzalit of America manufactures resin-bonded wood and phenolic panels using locally sourced hardwoods chips with thermoset resins to produce weather resistant products including Table Tops and Architectural Panels.

The Carino collection is dominated by clear shapes and sleek elegance combined with fine decors. Value that will never go out of style. Both form and function are perfect. The highly compressed material has an especially resistant, lightly textured surface. Scratch, heat and UV-resistant.

The Phenolic surfaces put up with the daily grease, acid spills, hot cigarette ash, and the heat of sun and deluges of rain. The Werzalit patented production process enables the surface to withstand all mechanical, thermal and chemical impacts. The smooth finish fully sealed surface is achieved by the homogenous compression of the surface using decors and fabric designs, providing a product which is easy to clean and fulfils the hygiene requirements of professional catering industry.


Werzalit Installation Images:

Werzalit Classic Werzalit Classic Werzalit Classic Werzalit Classic Werzalit Classic Werzalit Classic Werzalit ClassicWerzalit Classic Werzalit Carino Werzalit Carino

Werzalit Technical Data:

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