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Striking Design Starts with Striking Material.

Kenmark offers a complete line of wood products to complete any size project – From the very simple, to the very complex.

Intricate custom millwork requires an expert contractor, and an expert supplier. Let the experts at Kenmark help to make sure the right veneers, flitches, and wood products are used on your project.

We offer a variety of veneer product to match your manufacturing methods and equipment.

  • Veneer, unspliced, no backing:  For customers who prefer to splice and press their own veneer.
  • Spliced faces:  We will splice veneers to your size.  We stock 50”x99” and 50”x124” spliced faces in some items.  This product is appropriate for companies that have a veneer press.
  • Backed veneers:  We offer paper backing, phenolic backing, polyflex backing, and two-ply wood backing on the veneers.  Our standard sizes are 4’x8’ and 4’x10’.  We can produce other sizes on request.
  • Prefinished veneers:  We offer phenolic backed prefinished veneers in standard sizes of 4’x8’ and 4’x10’.  Our standard finish is a polyurethane blend.  We also offer a selection of melamine finishes and an IMO certified fire rated sheet with a melamine finish.  Customers can press these sheets in a cold press.  A hot press will make it difficult to remove the protective peel sheet.
  • Edgebanding:  We carry edgebanding to match most stock items. We have fleeced backed unfinished edgebanding and ABS backed prefinished edgebanding.

Alpi Groove Pangar Wenge Quartered 50.36Alpi Groove Dark Grey Lati Quartered 50.31Alpi Groove Walnut Quartered 50.73 Alpi Groove Light Oak Quartered 50.60

Alpikord Prefinished Wood Veneers by Alpi is a line of new generation pre-finished woods, created to enhance and bring out the natural character of wood by offering natural textures and aesthetic impact to a previously unprecedented degree.

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Braewood Rosewood Indian 5023-PFBraewood Ebony Macassar 603-00-XV-PF Braewood Douglas Fir Quartered 926-V-PFBraewood Cherry Burl 5131

Braewood® Prefinished Wood Veneers by Brookside is produced by laminating Brookline veneer to a paper impregnated with phenolic resin and finishing with a specially designed matte polyurethane coating. The process yields a durable, transparent coating which is resistant to water and heat. Each sheet is post-formable and available with a protective peel sheet.

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Brookline Walnut 579 FNZ-3Brookline Butternut Birdseye 1100Brookline Ebony FSC Quartered 607-00-Y12 Brookline Sapele Pommele FSC 1302

Brookline® Composite Wood Veneers by Brookside is the foundation of our entire line of veneer products. Specifiers such as interior designers, architects and contractors use Brookline PaperBack for an unlimited number of applications. Some of these uses are: residential and contract furniture, kitchen cabinets, store fixtures, vanities, boutiques, vehicular interiors, speaker enclosures, and similar uses.

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Custom Selexions Maple Spalted 917Custom Selexions - Corduroy Gray Oak Quarter 667 Custom Selexions - Piccadilly Beige Quarter 671Custom Selexions - Lagoon Alabaster Quarter Cut 944/Y23

Custom Selexions Composite Wood Veneers by Brookside is a diverse collection of composite veneers from Alpi® that is offered exclusively through Brookside’s quick ship Veneer Express Program.

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Nature's Palette Figured Mozambique NP01213Nature's Palette - Carp Elm Burl NP01888 Nature's Palette - Birdseye Maple NP019991 Nature's Palette - Block Mottle Makore NP01164

Nature’s Palette Natural Wood Veneers by Brookside has been designed for use on interior surfaces where the look and warmth of finished real wood is specified and the ease of laminate installation is desired. A unique collection of over 40 veneers has something for every project.

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Brookside Installation Images:

Brookside VeneersBrookside VeneersBrookside VeneersBrookside Veneers

Brookside Veneers Brookside Veneers Brookside Veneers Brookside Veneers

Brookside Technical Data:

Do you know Alpi? Watch this animated video to find out who they are, what they do and, most of all, how they do it. Alpi adds Design, Quality and Eco-Responsibility to their wood, that’s why they say ALPI is Wood & More.

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